Monday, January 16, 2006

Bon Jovi

I had a great Sunday night! My sister and I went to see Bon Jovi in concert and it was AWESOME. Or should I say, HE WAS AWESOME?! We had great seats ($100/ticket) and it was definitely the best concert I have ever attended. Believe it or not, he was even better than George Strait when I saw him in 1995. Bon Jovi is about 50 years old and he still looks great and can still give a great performance. WOW!!! The concert was SOLD OUT! We had a blast -- I nearly lost my voice from screaming so much.

When I found out that Bon Jovi was coming to town, I asked Daddyluv to take me. He said, "Honey, I am not a big Bon Jovi fan, but I will go with you if you want me to. However, if you can find someone to go with you who would enjoy it more than me, I will pay for their ticket." So, I called my sister and she said, "Oh my gosh, I would LOVE to go see Bon Jovi in concert!" Well, it was so much fun. While I was getting ready for the concert, Daddyluv asked, "Aren't you going to wear something hoochie for the concert?" I said, "No -- I need to be comfortable and warm." Plus, who is he kidding? A 30 year-old woman with some minor stretch marks and left-over pregnancy fat dressed up like a hoochie -- that would definitely turn heads and make people laugh!!

Needless to say, my sister (only 110 pounds) and I looked mighty cute in our modest, but very cute apparel. I guess it isn't what you wear but instead, who is wearing it, right?! Bon Jovi rocks.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

A Good Week...

Well, this week was pretty good. My classes are definitely better and the students are starting to warm up to me (and vice versa). This week, I was reminded how "fulfilling" the life of a teacher can be. There are bad days and good days. The good days make the bad days manageable. My school is great! The teachers are phenomenal, the principals are excellent and everyone is all-around helpful and friendly. I have made friends already -- even with the custodians that don't speak any English. So, thank you God for seeing me through this transition in my life!

Speaking of God...I have decided to read "Purpose Driven Life -- What On Earth Am I Here For?" Has anyone else read this book? I have read good and bad reviews.

Through changing careers and etc. I just want to make sure that I am living in accordance with God's will. Although I love my life and am very thankful for everything I have, I want to make sure that I am fulfilling my divine purpose and am being obedient to His word. Do you believe we have a divine purpose? You know, with "free will" and all....hmmm...deep thought.

Well, I am working on the spiritual side of my life -- now for the physical. My Pilates DVD arrived Wednesday. I will start tomorrow -- wish me luck. I am definitely eating healthier -- now it is time to get rid of the "baby fat and rolls." it still considered "baby fat" when my baby is already 2 years old???? Don't answer that, please!!!

Take care and have a great holiday weekend. Now that I will be reading more and trying to exercise, I will probably only post 1-2 times a week.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

I survived...

Well, I survived my 1st day back at school. I am teaching high school. My first day went pretty well. I left teaching 3 years ago and joined corporate America. Well, corporate America wasn't what I thought. I would love to be a SAHM too, but Daddyluv is an educator. No explanation needed, right? Can you say POOR? Maybe I can be a SAHM with my "next husband." Just kidding! So...I have to work and make the best of the situation. I do get summer breaks, Christmas holidays, Spring Break and etc. That will be nice once I have children in school.

Back to work, I have one class that may be somewhat of a challenge. I am sure they will get better once they see the "mean side" of me. Like I said in my previous blogs...I only want to teach another 1 or 2 years. I would like to pursue school administration -- we will have to wait and see where the Lord leads me.

As for Pilates...I am still waiting for my DVD arrive. It better arrive soon before I lose my motivation to exercise. I am doing well with the "eating part" of my staying healthy change. I have actually lost some weight -- not what I wanted. I want to "tone up" not lose weight.

Well, I better go now -- Babyluv needs a diaper change. I will update this weekend. Have a great weekend everybody!

Monday, January 02, 2006

What an evening!

Wow...what an evening! Daddyluv, Babyluv and I spent the afternoon lounging around the house....a very relaxing afternoon. Around 4:30 p.m., Babyluv and I left the house so that we could go to the store and buy a few necessities. I had to take Daddyluv's car because Grandpa luv parked behind mine. Grandpaluv and Daddyluv are building Babyluv and mini-playhouse. I didn't like the idea of taking Daddyluv's car because its really messy and smaller than mine. I grabbed Daddyluv's keys (the set that also has my car keys) and headed out the door. Well, while trying to merge onto the highway I was kind of overpowered by an 18-wheeler. I was forced onto the shoulder where I ran the right side of the car into a huge pothole. I was a little panicked because it took a little while for me to gain control of the car again.

Everything seemed fine at first. I remembered thinking, "Gosh, that had to have done some sort of damage. I probably messed up the alignment." About two miles later, the smell of burning rubber overwhelmed me and the horrible noises made it impossible to hear the radio. I was on a major highway with Babyluv in the carseat and the next exit is over a mile away. My tire/wheel would obviously not make the extra mile. So, I pulled over to the right shoulder and parked my car in the grass. I tried to get away from the highway as much as I could. I turned on my emergency lights and grabbed Babyluv and we went running across the access road to some apartment complex. I called Daddyluv on my cell phone and luckily he answered the home phone. S ince I had his set of keys as well, he had to come on his motorcycle. During our 20-minute wait, a police officer saw us and waited with us until Daddyluv arrived. When he arrived, the police officer parked behind Daddyluv's motorcycle and activated his lights in order to keep him safe while he changed the tire. Thank you, Mr. Police Officer!!! So, now we are driving on a "donut." I will definitely need to find time tomorrow and get another tire. The original tire is torn to pieces. Babyluv was calm the entire time and even had the opportunity to sit in the police car. I said, "Honey, this better be the only time you see the inside of a police car." The police officer thought my statement was funny!

During our wait at the apartment complex, Babyluv and I watched 3 little boys about 8 or 9 years old play and chase each other. They were using profanity!!! Well, the teacher/mommy side came out of me and I yelled, "Young man, you need to watch your mouth." At that moment, all three boys took off running and I never saw them again. If I had been alone I probably would have kept my mouth shut. However, I had Babyluv with me and she repeats everything. Gosh, what is our world coming to??!!

Well, only two more days before my 1st day back to school. I am actually going up to the school tomorrow to do some work and make some copies. Pray for me...pray that I have good students and that I have the wisdom and knowledge to teach them effectively and positively influence their lives.

Until later!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Welcome 2006

Well, it is now 2006! The years are going by so fast! I had to spend New Year's Eve without Daddyluv. Daddyluv is a wedding photographer and had a wedding last night. So, I put Babyluv down to bed at 9 p.m. and had a couple of girls over for games, mudslides, food and fun. I had a good time and I especially liked not having to spend New Year's Eve alone! Thank you A.S.H. for coming over!!

As for New Year's Eve Resolutions, I am going to focus on my health this year --spritual, mental, and physical. On the Spiritual side, hopefully Daddyluv and I can find a new church or somehow be led back to our old church. We have visited several churches the last couple of months and are still unsure about what we need to do. I definitely need to read my Bible more often and find more opportunities for individual prayer time. Why physical health when I am a thin woman? Well, my Dr. says that a woman my age and frame size should only have a body fat % of about 18- 20% -- I am at 26%. Heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and etc. all run in my family and I hope to not fall into the same trap. I am going to start by doing Pilates!! Pilates will take care of the mental and physical portions of my Resolution focus. Daddyluv and I saw Dukes of Hazzard last week and I fell in love with Jessica Simpson. Well, maybe not HER but her BODY!!!! I said, "Gosh, I wish I had a body like hers" and Daddyluv said, "Me, too!" For his sake, I hope he meant HE wishes he looked like HER, too. Okay, let's be realistic -- I could NEVER look like her. She is a GODDESS!!! To get into tip-top shape Jessica worked-out 5 days a week (2 hours each session), but she also did the South Beach Diet. Unfortunately, during her transformation period, she fell out of love with her husband. Poor guy! I don't plan to do that -- I love Daddyluv so very much!!! Well, my DVD should arrive anyday now. I don't like the thought of a highly-aerobic exercise activity or even worse, sweating. I figured I should stick to something "not-too-strenous." I am really excited about starting my Pilates plan -- I hope to actually exercise 3 times a week. Ask me in 2 months how things are going, okay? I usually only stick to a work-out plan for about a month or so. As for the South Beach Diet, definitely not for ME!!!

Well, enough about all that. Daddyluv and I have so much to be thankful for: 1)we have a beautiful daughter, 2) we are all healthy (for the most part) , 3) we have jobs, 4) we are not starving, 4) we have a roof over our heads, and best of all 5) we love the Lord and each other.

2005 was a great year -- let's see what blessings GOD and 2006 have in store for us. Happy New Year Everybody!!!