Friday, July 28, 2006

Fun times

We just got back from San Antonio. We went to a band director's conference (my hubby is a band director) and decided to stay a few extra days to enjoy the sites and visit Sea World. We had a great time in San Antonio. I even wore a swimsuit and got some sun! We ran across several college friends and ate dinner with one of them. It is nice to see friends from school. I loved being in San Antonio and even asked Daddyluv if we could move there. Since I am a Hispanic woman, I felt right at home -- especially during our Mexican dining experiences. Gosh, the food was amazing. However, no one in San Antonio knows how to make a decent "bloody mary." I tried three different restaurants and not one of them got it "right." Oh well, maybe next time. That's all for now.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Way to go, Babyluv!

Babyluv went tee-tee in the potty for the very first time on Tuesday, July 11!!! It was wonderful! We were sitting in our family room minding our own
business: Daddyluv was watching TV, I was on the phone with my sister, and my other sister was on the computer. Then, Babyluv brings her potty chair into the room and sits on it. After about 5 seconds, she gets up and says, "Mommy, Daddy, I put tee-tee in the potty! Can I wear big-girl panties?" We got up to look and much to our surprise, there was tee-tee in the potty. She has not wet her pants since. Wow....what a great experience. So, we went to Chuck E. Cheese yesterday to celebrate the joyous occasion/milestone. While at Chuck E. Cheese, my sister and mother-in-law joined us for lunch with a handful of presents for Babyluv. Gosh, what an exciting time for us!!!! Now, we have to work on #2.