Tuesday, June 20, 2006


I am soooooo sad....the Mavericks lost tonight!!!!

Tummy ache = weight loss

As I unpacked my bathing suits from last year, I mentioned (to Daddyluv) how much I dreaded wearing a bathing suit. Babyluv has swimming lessons the next two weeks and I have to get in the pool with her. I told Daddy that I needed to "get thinner" somehow without changing my diet or exercising. He just laughed and said I did not lose weight but that I just needed to "tone up." That is code for "you are flabby!" Well, I got a stomach bug of some sort yesterday and now I can't eat. I have horrible stomach cramps and absolutely no appetite. That is NOT what I had in mind! Through my tummy troubles, Babyluv has been really supportive and cute. She constantly asks me, "Mommy, you tummy still hurting?" I say, "Yes it does." She wraps up the conversation by saying, "I'm sorry...it's okay Mommy!" What a sweetie. She is growing up so fast. She talks so much and is even learning some Spanish (from Mommy and Dora the Explorer). Gosh, I just love that little girl. What did we do to deserve such a blessing? Pray that my stomach bug goes away soon.

Have a great week.

Thursday, June 15, 2006


I love summer -- no school for two months...yipppeee! I also bought a watermelon to welcome the summer! I love watermelon - my favorite fruit. I buy the seeded because the seedless ones just aren't the same. However, I do find myself picking the seeds for Babyluv. She loves watermelon, too. Daddyluv is allergic to watermelons. They make his tongue itch - crazy, huh? My summer is going great. I am staying up late and waking up late. We actually wake up to Babyluv calling out "Mommy, Daddy!" When that happens, we bring her to bed with us and we sleep another hour or two. It is pretty hot here and I would really like to tan a little, but gosh its too hot and I hate to have sweat drip down my body. We are actually turning into couch potatoes. We painted our computer/office room and made it into a small theater/family room. We bought a reclining leather sofa and a 42-inch flat screen TV with surround sound. It looks and sounds great!! So, we will definitely return to school in the fall looking like two fat cows! I should have kept my post-pregnancy clothes!!! Along with spending time with Babyluv and Daddyluv, I am working on several scrapbooking projects and they are looking pretty cute. I am not a crafty or creative person (I wish I was) but I really like to scrapbook. However, my designs and creations are very basic, I hope to become better someday. Any ideas or websites would be greatly appreciated. Well, it is very late and I need to get to bed. Have a great weekend!