Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Wow...did anyone else get teary-eyed during the inauguration yesterday? Because I was at work, I only got to see bits and pieces. But, as I listened to portions of his speech, all I could say was "wow." We have a minority monumental is that? There are some people that never thought this day would grandparents being among them. Because I was filled with so much emotion yesterday, I had to find some way to explain the signficance of this day to my daughter without going into an explanation of racism and segregation. So, I made "inauguration day" cupcakes last night and we watched clips of the ceremony via the internet. We had KB watch the swearing in portion of the ceremony and we explained its signficance to her (i.e. placing hand on the Bible, what the "oath" meant, etc). Who knows if she will ever understand yesterday's significance, but at least she can say inauguration and know what the word means.


Blogger snarflemarfle said...

X-man kept pointing to the TV and saying, "Rock-a-bama!" He has no idea what was going on, but he sure did like to watch the helecopter that Bush left in!

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