Friday, February 29, 2008

Doctor's Appointment - 37 weeks

I had my appointment today - he did an internal exam. Lots of fun! I am 75% effaced but not dilated. The countdown: Only 12 days until Ashlyn Blair arrives. She is moving around quite a bit. The doctor predicted that this baby will only weigh 6-7 pounds...nothing like the 8.4 pounds KB weighed at birth. It is definitely true what they say - "Every pregnancy is different!" Speaking of KB, her and I will be attending the "sibling class" tomorrow. We are looking forward to it.

Here are my stats:

Weight: 150 (I have not gained any weight in 2 weeks! My Dr. said it is okay.)
Total pounds gained: 26
Blood Pressure: 120/72
Heartbeat: Sounded great!
Fundal measurement: 35 (at least the baby is growing, I hope)

I only have one week left of work -- my days will definitely be very long this week trying to get everything done for my substitute.

Until next week...

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Getting close...

36 weeks

Gosh, I can't believe I am 36 weeks pregnant. I had my appointment on Friday. From today, only 17 days until Ashlyn Blair (we changed the middle name) arrives. She is moving around quite a bit. It is so funny to watch my belly shift. KB will attend a "sibling class" next weekend. I think it will be lots of fun for her. She is so excited about being a "big sister!"

Here are my stats:

Weight: 150 (didn't gain any weight this week)
Total pounds gained: 26
Blood Pressure: 110/70
Heartbeat: Beautiful
Fundal measurement: 34

Still have lots of work left to do at work!!!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

35 weeks

I had my appointment on Thursday. I will now see my Dr. every week until the baby arrives. I am officially 35 weeks today. From today, only 25 days until our 2nd little princess arrives.

Here are my stats:

Weight: 150
Total pounds gained: 26
Blood Pressure: 91/61
Baby's Heartbeat: Beautiful
Fundal measurement: 33

Only a few things left to do at home. However, I have a bunch of things to do at work! We have been sick this week. My hubby has bronchitis and KB and I have strep-throat. I feel much better now that I am taking medicine and I even found some energy. We spent today shopping and touring the hospital where we will be delivering.

How was your Valentine's Day? Valentine's Day was great at our house! My hubby prepared pan seared ribeye, sauteed mushrooms, baked sweet potatoes. and a salad. We ate left-over cupcakes for dessert. Everything tasted so yummy. As for gifts, we went shopping together and bought some nice pajamas to wear while in the hospital.

Well, I better go and get ready for bed - church in the morning.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Anxiety attacks

I have had a couple of anxiety attacks the last couple of weeks -- mainly at night. I wake up sweating and all I can do is think about everything that needs to be done before the baby arrives - professionally and personally. She will be delivered 4 weeks from tomorrow via c-section. Just the thought of having another c-section makes me nervous and scared. I guess I am just a big, weenie-wimp! The first 24 hours after a c-section are not fun! I can't even get out of bed the first 24 hours after a c-section because of the fact that I will be sporting a very fashionable catheter. I remember not being able to change a single diaper the first 48 hours because of the pain. I refused to take the recommended dose of vicodin because it is passed through the breastmilk making my baby very, very sleepy and not want to nurse. While in the hospital, she dropped an entire pound and a half (good thing she weighed over 8). While in the hospital, I ended up only taking 2 vicodin a day instead of the 6 a day I was allowed. To make my anxiety levels rise even more...I will be gone from school for 10 weeks and I am only half-way done with my lesson plans. I need to finish those soon so that I can meet with my substitute and walk her through them. I have no motivation whatsoever.

On a good note, I had a baby shower this weekend and I had a great time. I got a bunch of goodies and was so happy to see some people I had not seen in a long time. And, the presents are still coming - a big blessing right now. I am also having a diaper shower next week. You can never have too many diapers, right?

I love watching KB rub my belly. Her face lights up when she feels the baby kick. She even rubs lotion on my feet at night because of the fact that I can't reach them myself. She is so stinkin' cute. We are actually having some professional pictures made this weekend. I will have to get my hubby to download some for you.

Well, I will post again in a couple of days. I have my 35 week appointment tomorrow!!

Monday, February 04, 2008

33 weeks

I had my 33-week appointment on Friday. Gosh, this pregnancy is flying by so fast. I can't believe that Baby Ashlyn will be here in 37 days.

Weight: 148
Total weight gain so far: 24 pounds
Blood pressure: 110/64
Baby's Heartbeat: Beautiful as always!

I am feeling pretty tired these days. A second pregnancy puts a toll on the body. With the first pregnancy, I would come home and sleep or just lounge on the sofa all evening and get pampered after work. Now, I have a 4 year-old daughter to feed, bathe, entertain and etc. Also...sleeping has proven to be a difficult task - my enormous belly makes it hard for me to find a comfortable position. I also wake up to go potty about 3-4 times a night. So, on average I am getting about 4-6 hours of sleep each night. I guess it is God's way of preparing me for the sleepless nights that are to come. When the alarm rings at 6:30 a.m, all I want to do is cry! But, I just suck it up and off to school I go to teach a bunch of high school kids how to speak Spanish. Then, everyday at 11:00 a.m., I hit a brick wall. I am so tired and exhausted. But, what am I to do? I am also a little stressed out because I am expected to create 21 days of lesson plans for both Spanish I and Spanish III to leave for my sub while I am on maternity leave (10 weeks). So, that is 42 different lesson plans to leave for my substitute - to have prepared before my last day - March 7th. I am only half-way done with those lesson plans and absolutely have no motivation to complete the remainder of my task. So, the next five weeks should be interesting.

Off to better things...

I am quite excited about my little girl - KB. She has learned how to tie her shoes!! We are so excited! Gosh, she is such a big girl. She is so much fun and says the craziest things sometimes. She definitely makes us laugh. What a cutie pie! 4 year-olds are amazing little people.