Thursday, August 02, 2007

Job disappointment!

Okay...I need to vent! I am a Spanish teacher in Texas. In Texas, certified Spanish teachers are hard to find due to testing/certification requirements. I earned my Master's Degree in Education Administration several years ago and have spent the last two years pursuing an Asst. Principal position. Although I really do not want to be an Asst. Principal it is a necessary move. I actually want to be an Administrative Officer in a school district. Unfortunately, being an AP is a necessary stepping-stone toward obtaining my goal. Well, I received a phone call from a friend of mine who is an Asst. Principal in a neighboring school district. They proposed/petitioned for an Instructional Specialist position on their campus and it was approved by the administration/school board on July 20th. An Instructional Specialist's job is to evaluate and mentor teachers. What a great job!!! No teaching!!! No high school kids!! No lesson plans! I interviewed for the position on July 23rd and was offered the position on the 25th. Wow, I was so excited!! I was told prior to the interview that the position is a "promotion" because of the fact that it requires a Master's Degree and Principal Certification. However, the pay and the number of contract days is the same as a teacher position- except that there is a stipend. The problem is that the deadline for teachers to resign was July 13th. The only way a teacher is allowed to resign (beyond the deadline) is if the new position is an obvious promotion. So, I tried to resign and my school district refused to let me out of my contract unless I can find a suitable replacement. In theory, this I.S. position is a promotion, but on paper it is NOT! Gosh, I was so mad. So, I called the Principal to turn down the offer and he asked me why. I told him my situation and he gave me the name and number of a possible replacement. I then called my boss and gave him the name and # of this possible replacement. He left her a message and she never returned his phone call. So... bye, bye perfect job!!