Friday, January 16, 2009

It's all about me!

After reviewing my past blogs, I noticed that I have not written much about myself the past few months. Well, I figured I would now take the time to write about what my life is like now that I am an assistant principal. In July, I began my new job as a high school assistant principal. Getting out of bed and actually motivating myself to go to work is difficult just because of the fact that I wish I could stay at home with my girls. However, with God's help, I manage to drag myself out of bed. While at work, I would have to say that I run on "auto pilot." I am very productive and I work very hard (it keeps me from thinking about what I wish I could be doing - staying at home). The people at my school are wonderful people and I thank God for them. The teachers here are phenomenal and really want to "reach" students. At my school, there are 2800 students which makes us the largest high school in our district. We have six assistant principals and one head principal. I was not too crazy about being at a high school but I have made the best of the situation. While at work, I spend the majority of my day disciplining students and dealing with difficult parents. Doing this type of work is tough emotionally/mentally and is definitely not worth the pay I receive at the end of the month. However, it is a job in the field I love and I am pretty good at it. And, it is obvious that I am making a difference. There are some teenagers in this world that need an awful lot of help (or God). There are also many parents that have completely lost all control of their children. One of our biggest struggles is truancy. The sad part about truancy is the fact that the juvenile court system is failing us. The jails are crowded with rapists, murderers, thieves. etc. So, do they choose to incarcerate one of the aforementioned or a truant student?
After work, I leave school and am usually home by 5:00. Then, it is a mad rush to cook, eat, clean, play with the kids, bathe, and get the girls in bed by 8:30. My house is not as clean as I'd like for it to be. Because it would cost me $150 a month to hire a maid, we are having to postpone that luxury another year until KB starts public school. Because the responsibilities of being a wife/mother/professional are so demanding, I rarely have "me" time. I don't have much "me" time and it sometimes takes a toll on my psyche. I don't read much, hanging out with girlfriends is rare, scrapbooking is now non-existent, and my nails aren't as pretty/manicured as they once were. My hubby and I do make a point to play RockBand at least 3 times a week. One good thing: Because I walk so much at work, I am in pretty good shape. I eat what I want, drink what I want, don't exercise outside of work, am 5'6" and weigh 118 pounds!! So, I guess I am getting some exercise because when I finally crawl into bed at 10:30, I am exhausted. However, as I lay in bed and pray, I thank God that I have: a job, a wonderful husband, and two beautiful daughters that despite the "crap" I have to endure at work, always put a smile on my face at the end of the day and make my dreams pleasant!


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