Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Strolling along

Hello, I am still here just a little busy (and lazy). Things are going well. Daddyluv is great and so is Babyluv. We received her Princess Belle costume in the mail today and she looks adorable wearing it. I will definitely have to post some pictures after Halloween.

Speaking of Babyluv, I need some advice...

Babyluv is taking a dance class for children ages 3-4. She attends class one day a week for one hour and the cost is $70 a month. She absolutely loves her dance class. I received an e-mail from the dance company yesterday regarding their recital/costume fees for the annual "revue" to be held in May. The "revue" is huge and it is an opportunity for the dancers to show off and etc. Performing in the "revue" is optional, but if we wish to have Babyluv participate, the cost will be $75 for the recital fee and $65 for the costume. What do you think? What would you do? What happens if we pay the money and she gets "stage fright?" In class, she dances away and is not in the least bit shy. However, a class of 10 little girls is nothing compared to the hundreds that will attend the revue.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

State Fair

Can you say gluttony? We went to the State Fair today after church and spent 60 dollars just on food and drinks. I started my eating adventure with a Fletcher's Corny Dog (a must-have if you go to the fair). I then ate a frito pie and also stole a couple bites of my hubby's fried cheesecake. About two hours later, we went to the food court and I ate two slices of pizza and then washed it down with some cotton candy. Next time, I will eat some tamales from Pedro's tamale stand and plan to try some fried donkey tails. No, they really aren't "donkey tails." I will tell you all about them once I try them.

I also tried to win a blow-up Dora the Explorer doll for Babyluv but my attempt was painfully unsuccessful. I decided to pay $3 to a man who could either guess my weight (within 3 pounds), my age (within 2 years) or my birth month (by 3 months). If he guessed wrong, then I could pick out any toy I wanted - which would have been the Dora the Explorer doll. Well, after standing around and watching him lose several times, I decided to give it a shot. My hubby told me I should have him guess my weight. I was wearing baggy clothes and hubby said that he would not come close. Well, because I did not want to step on a scale in front of about 30 people, I decided to do the "age" game. Well, I paid my $3 and he said I was 30 years old. Well, I am 31, so he gladly took my $3 and I very sadly walked away. I nearly cried because not only am I self-conscious about my weight (because I was heavier in high school), I left the game self-conscious about my appearance. Do I really look 30 years old? My hubby, of course, reassured me that I was beautiful and told me all other sorts of things to make me feel better. He said, "Honey, if you realized how beautiful you really are, you would leave me for a better-looking man in a heartbeat." No, I would never do such a thing -- wait a minute, maybe if he were "gorgeous and rich." Just kidding. My hubby is simply the best! Despite the disappointment at the age booth, we will definitely go back to the fair at least once before it leaves town. What can I say? I love food - which is why I will never be 110 pounds! I think we will try to win Dora some other way. We had a great time. Babyluv enjoyed the rides and we took a bunch of great pictures of her. She is so precious.