Tuesday, October 07, 2008

7 months old

Baby Ash is 7 months old today -- I can't believe it! She has added so much joy to our family. She is so much fun and has the cutest little personality. At her 6 month checkup, she weighed 17 pounds and measured 27.5 inches. In weight, she is in the 75th percentile and in height, 95th percentile. She is not crawling yet, but is great at "army crawling." She can sit up - but not for very long (she gets lazy). She does not have any teeth but she sure acts like she might be getting some soon. She drinks a bottle or nurses 5-6 times a day. Along with yummy breastmilk, she eats rice cereal for breakfast and lunch. Then, she eats her veggies for dinner. In order to get her to open her mouth, I say "aaaaagggghhhhh" and then I say "mmmmmmmmm" after I spoon the food into her mouth. Well, she now says them, too! It is hilarious. Other than that, she really does not say anything else - except "mama" but that is only when she is crying and wants me to hold her or feed her. I can't wait for her to see me and say "mama." She still gives the sweetest kisses. She grabs my face (or hair) and pulls me to her lips and then she plants a wet, slobbery kiss on my lips. She just started kissing big sister, too! We just love that little girl so much.


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