Monday, February 12, 2007

How amazing is that?!

Babyluv can now write her name!! She is only 3 years exciting is that?!

We had a pretty decent weekend. I took Babyluv to the Dr. on Saturday because of a cough and runny nose. I take her to the Dr. way too much - it is worth the $ 20 co-pay to know if she is contagious or if she needs antibiotics. Well, she has a cold and all we can do is give her some over-the-counter meds. Daddyluv stayed home sick today with a fever of 101. Yikes! Please pray that I stay well. However, after the excitement of watching our little girl write her name all by herself, who cares about anything else?

My hubby has a conference Thursday through Sunday, so my Mommy will be coming into town on Wednesday to give us a hand and grace us with her presence. I am very fortunate to have a young mother - only 49 years old. Daddyluv's parents are in their 60's. Although my mother had me at a very, very young age, I am almost thankful! She has so much energy!! While she is in town she cooks, cleans, helps with the laundry, gives me massages, and still has plenty of energy to run all over the house and be silly with Babyluv. They play tons of games together. Babyluv absolutely adores her! Well, I better go and finish eating my Oreo cookies and milk.

Have a great week!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Big Baby

I met a teacher the other day at a Staff Development seminar. Well, she shared pictures of her baby boy - 8 months old. After seeing those pictures I said (to myself, of course), "Oh my gosh, that baby is really big!" Another teacher asked her how much he weighed at birth - 8 lbs. 13 oz. Well, she told us that he now weighs 24 pounds (at 8 months)!!! I could not remember if that was a lot for a baby that age so I came home and looked through Babyluv's babybook. Babyluv was a big baby...or so I thought. At 8 months, she weighed 20 pounds. She was 23 pounds at 1 year old! Goodness, are babies getter bigger or what?