Monday, July 23, 2007

I will miss you!

I am experiencing a whirlwind of emotions today. My cousin (more like a sister) and her family left this morning to make their home in Delaware. She has a little boy who is autistic and they are enrolling him in the Brennen School which is known for its superior autistic program. I did not even call and say goodbye for fear that all I would do is cry (which is what I am doing right now). Although we only see each other 2 times a year, I had reassurance knowing she was only 3 hours away - now, she is 3 days away. Gosh, we humans take so much for granted!!
Although I am currently overwhelmed with sadness, I know in my heart that her little boy will have so many amazing opportunities. So, I am both sad and happy!!!!

Good luck to you Irene -- I will definitely keep you in my thoughts and prayers! I will call you in a few weeks after you have finished unpacking. By then, I should be able to keep myself from crying. I love you guys so much!!!

Saturday, July 14, 2007


We went to the Rodeo last night and had a blast! My hubby had a friend in town from West Viriginia and we decided to provide him with a true, Texas experience. We also invited some other friends, so our group ended up being 8. The last time I went to a rodeo was about 15 years ago. In my opinion, "roping" is so brutal...those poor animals! Other than that, it was quite entertaining. Babyluv loved it -- the petting zoo was her favorite I think. I guess all I need to do now is buy my little girl some cowboy boots!!!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Library Time

Babyluv and I went to the Public Libary today, not the huge library in Dallas one but the one in our city. The Dallas Public Library smells "yucky" and is crawling with tons of strangers. The homeless use it as a place to sit and rest during the day - especially during the hot summer months. Many complaints have been filed and I have even seen it make the news, but because it is a public place, they have every right to be there.

On to my story...

They had preschool story time and we had a blast. We read books, participated in storytime, played with the bubble machine, watched a short film, and played with puzzles. I explained the library check-out process to her and then we got a library card and checked out some books and a DVD. Babyluv was so excited that she had to call Daddy on the cell phone immediately upon leaving to tell him all about it. This is what I heard: "Daddy, I got some books from the library. We can't color or write or cut the pages in the books because they are the library's. Daddy, when we finish reading the books, we can go and get more. There are so many books at the library, Daddy!" How cute was that?

After leaving the library, we met my sister for lunch and did some shopping. Babyluv loves her "tia."

Lots of fun...