Thursday, June 28, 2007

Lots of fun!

It is summer and we are having so much fun. We began our summer by taking a 2-week vacation. We went to Florida and spent time with friends and visited Disneyworld. It was a blast even though it rained on us the 2nd day and we had to leave Disneyworld and return about 6 hours later. After our visit to Florida, we left from Ft. Lauderdale and began our 8-day Carnival cruise. While on the cruise, we visited Costa Rica, Costa Maya and Panama. Wow...if we could move to Costa Rica today, we would. Daddyluv actually came home and researched job opportunities in Costa Rica. There are plenty of jobs for me but not so many for a non-Spanish speaking, white man.

After our vacation, I came home and did laundry for about 3 days straight. While tackling the laundry and household chores, Babyluv started swim lessons and dance camp. She looks so adorable in her little tap shoes - she wants to wear them constantly. Lessons and camp are now over and we are just hanging out -- enjoying our time with each other.

So much has happened these past few months...

I did not find an Assistant Principal job like I was hoping, but that's okay. I love where and what I teach - I really just wanted a pay raise!! Daddyluv has been offered a job opportunity outside of education and might take the offer!! Although he would have the opportunity to make more money, he would no longer have three months off a year like the rest of us teachers!! After leaving education and returning, I don't know how people can work and only have 3-4 weeks of vacation/sick time. Gosh, I have 14-16 weeks of vacation. Of course, teachers generally do not own 300K homes nor drive 70K cars, but that's okay with me if it means I will have the same schedule as my children when they attend school.

Speaking of children, hubby and I have decided to try for child #2. Pray for us...the whole process can be very frustrating for someone like me who is not a "Fertile Myrtle." Prior to Babyluv, I had two miscarriages. It took me about 4-5 months to get pregnant the first two times. After extensive bloodwork, they discovered my problem - a progesterone deficiency. I then began taking progesterone and I was pregnant the first month of "trying." Babyluv was born nine months later. So, we will see how everything goes. I will keep you posted on our progress.

Babyluv is so big now. I can't even call her Babyluv anymore - she will be four this fall. She is so smart and is full of energy. She loves to talk (gets that from me) and sometimes really cracks us up. She is in dance class and we will probably enroll her in instructional soccer this fall. She had her first dance recital in May where she was a little bunny performing a dance to "The Bunny Hop." She was an absolute doll. Little girls are so much fun.!!! She is such a blessing to us! I only pray that our future child will be as happy, beautiful and healthy as her.

Well, I better go and think about dinner. Take care.