Monday, January 12, 2009

She's a natural!

Baby Ash has mastered the difficult task of "rolling the r." Having taught Spanish for 8 years, teaching students to roll the "r" was not an easy feat. She does it all of the of her favorite noises. So, she is definitely a natural -- born to speak Spanish. I must do a better job of teaching my children to speak Spanish. She also says ga-ga quite a bit and even said "ba-ba" to me as I was walking out of the room. I have also learned a very disturbing fact about Baby Ash: she is a daredevil. Hubby "tested" her last night to see if she would attempt to go down the stairs. NOTE: I was not too happy with his "testing techniques." Well, she tried to go down the stairs and in the process, ended up bumping her forehead on the wall when her hand slipped out from underneath. Hitting her forehead was not a part of the "test." Now...she has a small bump. We are also having to re-baby proof our house. Or should I say, "extra baby proof?" Our older daughter was very careful and was not near as curious as Baby Ash. She has tried to un-plug appliances, remove Glade plug-ins (very successful at this), has removed KB's nightlight, and even tried to remove the plastic covers. Are you kidding me? Will she be my "wild child?"


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