Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Babyluv got "jipped."

Babyluv had a Christmas party today at her sitter's house. Daddyluv (a part-time wedding photographer) decided he wanted to go and take pictures of this fabulous event. All the kids wore antlers and had their noses painted red. The pictures were so cute. There are 8 kids total and Babyluv loves it there. The oldest child will be 4 in March and the youngest will be 2 in May. There are 5 girls and 3 boys. Well, everything went well except that Babyluv got "jipped" on her gift exchange. Each kid drew a name and they were told to bring a gift (no more than $10) for that child. Babyluv drew Brooke's name and we bought her some really neat
stuff -- I ended up spending $12. We bought her some dress-up necklaces, 2 Dora the Explorer figures, a My Little Pony figure, and a Disney Princess Memory Game. Babyluv opened her gift and only received a purse-shaped notebook...no crayons, no markers, no pens, nothing else. That was it...what the crap!!!! Daddyluv said that Babyluv actually had a disappointed look on her face because all of the other kids received cool gifts. How sad! Even the babysitter was disappointed with the gift Babyluv received.

Work went well today -- trying to visit with all of my clients to deliver Christmas goodies and say my farewells. I only have one week left! I did have one concern today...I have a colleague that is 15 weeks pregnant and is spotting a little. She called her ob/gyn (the same as mine -- I referred her) and he told her to stay in bed all day today and come see him tomorrow morning for a sonogram. If it had been a true concern, I think he would have sent her to the hospital, don't you think? Well, I hope everything turns out okay. Her and her husband had been trying for a couple of years to get pregnant and finally resorted to artificial insemination. It worked on the 1st try.

Well, I need to go and take a hot shower. Hopefully, the steam will help clear my nasal passages a little. Daddyluv and I are still under the weather.


Blogger snarflemarfle said...

1) Sorry that little Babyluv got jipped. Maybe the momma didn't have time to do alot of shopping?

2) I hope your co-worker has a good sonogram today and the spotting was just from some irritation or something.

3) You and Daddyluv get well soon! Yucks to being sick on Christmas!

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